Multi-cam in Avid Xpress DV.


"Multi-cam" isn't a 'formal' Avid option on anything lower than a Media Composer.
However! You can do quite well in XDV, anyway.



* The following Tutorial works for Avid Xpress DV 3.0 & beyond, PC or Mac. You need the "real-time" PIP effect.

* In XDV the "Razor Tool" is called "Add-Edit", & it's default-mapped to key "P". If you haven't bought that $100 colored keyboard, I'd recommend it -- it's quite handy, & looks ultra-cool to your Clients. ;-D


1) So, you have multiple clips of the same event, & you want to cut them all into the same Sequence. First, put all the different video "feeds" on separate tracks. I find it's easiest to put the other tracks high in the timeline, V5, V6, V7, V8. This leaves you room on V2-V4 to build your show. When you want to watch the show, view on V4. When you want to look at all the camera's, view on V8.


2) Drag the clips around until they sync (check the audio waveforms, etc. In live shows, I like using the drummer hitting the sticks together, when counting-down the time). Another way, is to set one track's audio as "left", & the other as "right", put on some headphones, & nudge the tracks until the 'echo' (phasing) goes away. I've found this works even better than matching waveforms (unless there's a massive, sharp transient). Make sure when you're 'nudging', to nudge Left, Right, & Video tracks simultaneously (in "Overwrite" mode). I like to use locator/markers to help line-up events.


3) Put "PIP" effect on the (upper) clips, and set it up (in Effect mode) so that the different PIP's are on different parts of the screen.


4) Green dot. Now you can watch all the clips at once (view on V8)... without rendering! ;-D


5) When you find a shot you like, you can razor it ("Add-Edit") and pull it down to a new track (V2, V3, etc.). Be sure to delete the PIP effect.


6) Once it's on the new track, I like to slip-trim the clip, to get the sync exact (only needed if you're merging different takes, ie. different events).


7) View your 'built' sequence on V4. When you export, only select V1, V2, V3, and/or V4 for Export. It's good to leave the source tracks on V5-V8, however, so that you can always go-back & check for (better) shots.


As far as transitions, a wise [one] once said: "when it's hard to resolve, dissolve!"


good luck!


Copyright: Dave A. Anselmi, 2003